Album Release

ITER is now live on iTunes, Spotify, Tidal and the like.

You can also check out bandcamp to directly support the musicians :)



Album Preview!

The Snake Video


I just did a remix of Moby's recent single "Don't leave me". Listen to it on Metapop or soundcloud.




The "anonymos collective" is now "CEILOS"


As everything that surrounds us is subject to constant change, so are we.

Growing more and more unsatisfied with diverse groups acting under a similar name I decided to rethink what this project is about and find a new name for it.

Having deep roots in my first band "Verge Escapement" I took what was essential to it: "The Verge". Reflecting the aforementioned constant change and urge to create something exceptional, we keep trying to escape our secular shackles. CEILOS is this state between. It's the here and now.


The First Track

Watch the video to the opening track "No Home" from my upcoming album "ITER".

Album Progress

One year ago we were rehearsing for the 20th anniversary show for Shadowpainter. Waiting for the singer to join us we decided to do some instrumental warm up, which led to the creation of the track "Resurrection". Listen to the very first rehearsal take on soundcloud:




Also there is quite some progress on the album production. Here ist the first draft on the track listing.



A1 - No Home

A2 - The Slave

A3 - I've been told

A4 - Behold

A5 - Work and Pray

A6 - Lakshmana Rheka




B1 - The Preacher

B2 - The Snake

B3 - RAM

B4 - Shesha

B5 - The Swan

B6 - Elephants dream

B7 - The Snake Reprise



LIVE EP release

I decided to do a little DIY CD-print to fund the production of my LP "ITER". As far as progress goes on the LP all songs are written and some of them already recorded. So I plan to do the remaining recording during fall and get everything mastered in spring. As you can maybe tell this isn't going to be some quick big cartel pop production. We throw this party all on our own, so we take our time.


Meanwhile you can pay us a coffee or two to keep us awake during our nights in the studio by buying our recent EP "TPILB" available now on compact disc and digital download through our bandcamp online shop.

It's entirely recorded live over the last half year or so and contains 5 songs. The Swan, The Bear and The Snake Reprise are early renditions of songs from the upcoming LP, Progression Timeout is an early 2013 b-side and So Fear was first featured on our first EP "o".


Have fun listening, we hope you enjoy it and to maybe see some of you at our concerts!

Meanwhile you can subscribe to us via to get automatically notified about concerts, demos, videos and our recent progress.   


new video

I recently made a new video for one of the older live performances. Enjoy "the Bear"!

jam-festival 2015

We are playing the Jam-Festival again this year. Check it out at




This was how the gang started: anonymos @ the Jam-Festival 2014

a video from the Kupferschmiede

This was our gig at the Kupferschmiede. First gig with Sascha & Nico!

some photos from the Kupferschmiede

Thank's to Philip for the photos!

three days...

3 days left:

Former Guru Guru / Atlantis guitarist Dieter Bornschlegel will give you a sonic introduction to Krautrock followed by the new anonymos septet with their spacious audio-visual journey!


I recently did a remix on one of my older songs. This one was written in preparation for last years WG-Festival Gießen together with singer Anika and accompanied by Peter on clarinet.

When you like it, spread the word, so other people can enjoy it, too!


Finally here's a video of our last gig at Café Amélie!

Sharing is caring, so if you like the video the best way to show your appreciation is to share it with other people! 

Thanks goes to our audience at Café Amélie that night and especially to Shader, who supported us. 

Your next chance to hear us live is on June, 13th at Alte Kupferschmiedewith two new musicians joining the collective and a very special guest supporting us for the evening!


seven days...

Seven days left until we will play at the Café Amélie again!

During our last show there we recorded some tracks. One of them was "So Fear". Written in 2013 as an electronic track heavily influenced by traditional arabic music it was one of the first tracks performed live by what would later become the anonymos quintet.

Listen to "So Fear" on soundcloud:



Our next gig will be supported by shader:

new website

The new website just went online: